GoParallel has a wide experience on the field of simulation of nanomagnetic materials. We have been working on it for more than 10 years. Therefore, you can trust on the knowledge and over-tested algorithms that we have developed.

Because of we feel proud of the previous statement, we offer now our consulting services to help you to achieve the goals of your company or research bringing to you leading-edge products as the GPMagnet simulation software or the top performance servers with the latest Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

If you want to simulate any special material but do not like to expend money buying your own specialized hardware, we can run your simulations in our data center, which is growing day by day. At the moment, we count with more than 5000 GPU cores ready to execute parallel programs.

Additionally, the know-how we have acquired after translating our standard micromagnetic code into CUDA can be now successfully applied for finding parallel solutions to any problem, not only within the framework of Science (chemistry, statistics, economy), but also in business related fields.

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