Gallery of screenshots:

Initial menu window. Here you can select which problem want to solve.

Video tutorials:

Below you can discover video tutorials showing how to use some of the features of GP Magnet Micromagnetic Solver.

Surface Plots in Post Processing Tool:

Here you can see the two types of surface plot available in GP Magnet, one in 2D and the second in 3D.

This video shows both of them representing exactly the same data (an "antidot" sample of 400x400 cells) in two different ways: 2D and 3D. Choose which magnetization component should be displayed and go throw the time-line viewing how the system behaves. If you like results obtained, export them to a video and share it with your colleagues.


Curves Plot in Post Processing Tool:

This video tutorial shows some features of Curves Plot in Post Processing mode.

A 2D plot can represent one or more data information measured during simulation. Clicking on right elements you show/enable the curve to see how the evolution was along the process. Select an area to zoom in, check maximum values and inflection points with crosshair, change the curve colour to adapt it to your requests and even take snapshots and export them to different image formats.


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