• 2013
    • GoParallel successfully concluded all the milestones established in the Neotec project contract of the CDTI.
    • Civil Society Awards 2012 of the Social Council of the University of Salamanca: GoParallel received the award "Civil Society to the Innovation Entrepreneurship".


  • 2011
    • After receive many awards, GoParallel S.L. does a 300.000€ investment to improve its software and launch its products.
    • The company becames a Nvidia PartnerForce member to be authorized to sell systems based on components of Nvidia trademark.


  • 2010
    • GoParallel S.L. is established as a spin off of University of Salamanca with a significant enthusiasm.
    • The central office are moved to Science Park of the University of Salamanca, in Villamayor del la Armuña (Salamanca).


  • 2009
    • The engineers achieved a truly significant speed up. Simulations that took one month was completed in a day using GPUs.



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