Take the advantage of GPU parallel processing

GoParallel S.L. is specialized on speeding up complex scientific simulations, more specifically on simulations of magnetic microstructures. Thanks to the help of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) and the parallel programming language CUDA, the requested time to complete those simulations has been reduced by an important factor.  It means that a simulation that spent one month to finish, with our software you could have the results at the end of the day that you launched the simulation.

Software of simulation of magnetic microstructures


Our simulation software GPMagnet is not only one of the fastest you will find, but also has an intuitive Graphical User Interface like no other in the market. Its GUI allows to easily configure all the parameters of simulation, display real time data during the process and analyse results using plots of different types.


The best HPC hardware


Additionally, we sell High Performance Computing hardware providing to others the chance of leverage all the power of parallel computing. Our software, together best hardware we offer, provides the benefit of high speeds-up of about 10x to 30x.



Buying our services and products, you are saving time!!


The expertise of our physicists bring to you the possibility of advanced simulations, as well as consulting services for both companies and research institutions. On the other hand, our outstanding engineers are qualified to adapt your "sequential" scientific computing software applications and speed it up using the astonishing power of multicore GPUs. Have a look to the professional services we offer.

Among our international target markets there are universities, technological centres, institutions and companies with research and development departments, research groups...

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